Metering Screws

Roto Spiral manufacture metering screws suitable for a wide range of specifications across multiple industries. We’ll work with you to find the right metering screw for your requirements. If that doesn’t fit the bill, we can work with you to create a bespoke design to fit your specifications.

We supply cost-effective equipment across a range of industries. We can cater for high and low feed rates with different diameters of metering screws. Our screws can assist or eliminate mixing at the speed you need.

We make sure that effective product flow and dynamic feeding range are our top priority in manufacture. Metering screws should be working for you and your materials. That’s why the team at Roto Spiral listen to your requirements to design the most efficient equipment for your site.

We have a range of metering screws ready to install at your site. Please get in touch today to see how our equipment can work for you.

  • Get the right flow rate for your site
  • Dictate the rotational speed
  • Control pulse feeding of products
  • Improve your dynamic feeding range
  • Quick responses from our team
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