The Environmental Impact of Augers and Conveyors: Balancing Productivity and Sustainability

Sustainability is taking centre stage across industries around the world, and your equipment is a part of that conversation. As the industry navigates the delicate balance of a growing population and safeguarding the environment, every piece of equipment is under scrutiny. While these tools are essential to your site’s workflow, there are ways to make them greener and friendlier to our planet.

1. Energy Consumption – Using energy is what machines do, but there are ways to reduce the amounts it needs. Choosing an auger or conveyor with minimal energy needs can lower your carbon footprint, but so can choosing the right one. When you can the exact capacity and speed your site needs, you can avoid using machinery for longer periods than necessary or running at higher settings. Track your energy use as you experiment to see how much energy you could be saving each day.

2. Reduce Waste – Handling your materials efficiently with the right equipment can prevent spillage and loss. Wasted materials and grains are a definite step away from sustainability, so think about your process. If a more precise kit could tighten your process, it may be well worth the investment. This is especially true for equipment that applies fertiliser, pesticides or other chemicals.

3. Lifespan and Durability – Durable equipment with a longer lifespan means you won’t be replacing it so frequently, reducing the associated resource consumption. High-quality augers and conveyors that are built to last will improve your operation and reduce your environmental impact.

4. Material – Ask our team about eco-friendly materials and recyclable metals when customising your auger. We’re also proud to offer an extensive selection of second-hand equipment, from hoppers to flights, to reduce our own carbon footprint as well as yours.

The environmental impact of augers and conveyors goes far beyond their operational efficiency. Choosing the right one for your site can lower its negative impact on the planet without compromising your productivity. Contact Rotospiral today to learn more.

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