Announcing new partnership with MedWise

Rotospiral is proud to announce a new partnership with MedWise to keep our staff in the best of health.


The Rotospiral team work incredibly hard, so from next week we’re keeping them safe with Occupational Health visits from MedWise. Their medical specialists will give our employees a regular check-up on-site. This means all staff can see a doctor whenever they need to, with no need to arrange an off-site appointment.

We’ve all felt the frustration of having to book a doctor’s appointment during work hours. Sometimes it means giving up time on the weekend or missing a lunch break. There could be transport problems, or questions around childcare or holiday pay. We’ve made sure that none of our staff need to worry about those things anymore.

Medwise Mobile can test your eyes, ears, and lungs while you work, giving them the most information to work with. They can see any symptoms in real working conditions, helping them identify any issues early on. They also provide surveillances of audiometry, vision testing and spirometry to see the true effects of the workplace on the body.

Of course, this is not a mandatory doctor’s visit. Anyone can still head off to see their chosen doctor! This is a convenient way to keep an eye on everyone’s occupational health without putting anyone to any trouble.

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