Custom Made Conveyor Flights

The yard at Rotospiral HQ is currently home to this large order of conveyor flights ready for pick up. They turned out perfectly and we hope our client is as happy as we are when they collect them.

Custom made flights

Our client needed a lot of custom-made flights for their conveyor. So, we worked with them to find out exactly how many they needed, and how big their current machine is. Then we made sure their new parts would match up perfectly and got started on production.

Flight conveyors are a convenient and cost-effective way to move things around your site. It empties itself, and it exceptionally easy to clean. This makes sure your entire product gets through the machine without contamination with nothing left behind. It’s also gentle, so even delicate products won’t be damaged in transit.

We have a selection of ready-made and second-hand flights and conveyors to buy today. However, if they aren’t up to the job, we can consult with you on manufacturing custom flights and machinery. We’d be happy to make sure you have everything you need to keep your site working efficiently.

We specialise on manufacturing flights and agricultural machinery to fit any specifications. To find out more, email or call us today on +353 567 768 619.

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