As one of Ireland’s leading auger manufacturers, Roto spiral can supply augers for all kinds of machinery across any industry. We have a flexible approach to design, and offer bespoke products where needed to cater for every need, no matter how complex.

Roto Spiral augers are both efficient and cost-effective. We want to work with you to ensure you get the right auger for your requirements, moving your materials safely and quickly. We have a range of thicknesses that will suit any site, and also offer a wide range of diameters, from 5 metres down to 20mm.

We offer ready-made augers that can be installed and used immediately. However, in cases where off-the-shelf equipment won’t work, we also make bespoke products tailored to your project. We work quickly and precisely to meet any deadline, and offer a very quick turnaround where needed.

We use high quality metals that are suitable for each material they handle. Choose from mild of stainless steel (all grades), hard plate, corten plate, CR12, manganese and aluminium. We can also cater for a wide variety of flow rates, from a few kilograms to a thousand tonnes per hour.

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