Repair And Restoration Of Tub Feeders

Do you have a large piece of equipment in need of repair or replacement? Rotospiral are proud to offer both repair services and second-hand equipment in addition to new machines made to order.

We’ve currently got a good selection of tub feeders in our yard, waiting to be repaired and either returned to their owners or sold on in a perfectly restored condition. With a bit of hard work and a few hours in our welding workshop, we can have any piece of equipment back up and running.

Tub feeder repair

Thanks to our years of manufacturing these machines, we’re able to assess machines and carry out the required repairs to get your equipment in tip top condition. We can also offer a number of cost-effective replacement solutions if restoration isn’t possible, including custom-made orders and second-hand equipment.

Contact us today for more information on both our selection of restored second-hand equipment, and expert repair services.

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