Rotospiral’s Greener Approach To Augers And Conveyers

There are big plans coming this year, thanks to Rotospiral’s Environmental Committee’s first meeting of 2023.

The Rotospiral team have pledged to make our company operate more sustainably, as a response to the climate crisis we’re facing. Our new environmental committee have been tasked with reviewing our current practices and improving them. We want to work in a way that’s great for our staff, our clients, and the planet.

Reduce reuse recycle

On the committee’s advice, we’ll be making some big changes around our sites. We want to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ in both manufacture and the way we run our business day to day. By pledging to reduce the amount of office materials we use, we can waste less. We’re committing to reusing both office supplies and resale of restored equipment. We also offer repairs to older augers and conveyors to make sure useable equipment isn’t wasted. Of course, we’ll also be checking our recycling practices are the best they can be, and making changes where we need.

Please get in touch with us to check our sustainable options when looking to buy augers and conveyors. Thanks to our great team, we can repair and resell equipment and can work with you to make your site greener. While we’re always happy to manufacture a custom machine for you, we might have the perfect auger already sitting in our yard. We’re on hand to help you make more sustainable choices while making sure we’re being as environmentally friendly as possible.

We’re researching sustainable solutions so you don’t have to, we’re happy to help you choose a greener way of working. Look out for exciting changes to the way we run things to support a green and environmentally friendly future.

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