4 Things to Think About When Picking an Auger

When it comes to grain handling and moving materials around your site, choosing the right auger is crucial. Pick the right one and you’ve got a reliable and efficient operation. Choose the wrong one and you’ve got more problems than you started with. Here are 4 important factors to keep in mind:

  1. Capacity and Length – Determine the amount of material the auger needs to handle and the distance it needs to travel. Think about the size of your site, too. We’d be happy to help choose the right equipment for you, and these are the things we need to know. Consider the integrity of the materials as well, will they survive a lengthy trip along an auger, or will they need a shorter journey?
  2. Power Source – Augers can be powered by electricity outputs, PTO or hydraulic systems. Think about how you’ll be powering the auger or screw conveyor. We supply motors with our augers, or separately to fit existing equipment. Get in touch today and we can help you choose the right power source for your project.
  3. Diameter and Flighting Rate – The size and flighting design will impact the speed materials are moved. Weigh up how important the speed of transport is on your site is, and we can help you choose accordingly.
  4. Durability and Maintenance – Thankfully, augers and screw conveyors are already self-cleaning. However, it’s best to choose an auger made of high-quality materials so it will last longer. Choosing equipment with easily available spare parts isn’t a bad idea either. If your material or frequency of use is likely to cause wear and tear, our expert team can advise you on which augers can be replaced and fixed most easily.
    1. By carefully considering these key factors, you can pick the right auger for your site. Remember to ask us for help when you need it, our team are on hand to advise you based on your specific requirements. Investing in the right auger will lead to smoother operations, increased productivity, and enhanced profit for your projects.

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