How to Maintain Your Augers and Conveyors

The Rotospiral team have worked alongside dedicated professionals for years, so we know you need your equipment to work at its best. Augers and conveyors that work efficiently will keep your business running smoothly. Let’s dive into some tips to maintain your equipment to keep your site bustling with activity.

Inspections – Regular inspections are your site’s secret weapon. Setting a frequent inspection routine will catch potential issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.

Cleaning – Augers and conveyors work best when they’re clean and free of dirt, debris, and residue. Take the time to clean your equipment thoroughly and they’ll reward you with years of service.

Tension and Alignment Checks – Belts and chains have an optimal level of tension, and they can loosen with use. Check the tension regularly to keep your augers and conveyors working, but don’t set them too tightly – that could strain your equipment. The alignment of the machinery can also change over time, with small daily movement turning into a larger move into misalignment if not checked. Remember to monitor the alignment and your augers will work smoothly for years to come.

Prepare for the Season – Your equipment needs to adapt to the challenges of each season. When the task at hand keeps changing throughout the year, your augers and conveyors need to be fit to meet them.

Expert Help – Even the professionals can use back up sometimes. Many checks and adjustments can be carried out by you and your team, but for more complex issues you can call in an expert. Investing in your equipment with a specialist visit can help lengthen their working life.

Good maintenance is your ticket to seamless operation on your site. With regular inspections and a commitment to cleaning, you’re setting up your augers and conveyors for long term success. For more personalised advice, our expert team is just a message away. Contact us today.

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